ConjoinedCats Apps
VR Paint 2D
This app enables creative expression on a flat canvas, in a virtual space. With a head-mounted Leap Motion sensor you can use your hands to select paints and brushes, and to apply pressure sensitive paint to a virtual canvas. All artwork can be exported as PNG images (as screenshots of the palette and raw paint images).
Octri Navigator
Explore an interconnected network of hyperspace regions leveraging the Hyper Octree Cyberspace Protocol. Imagine the WWW pulled from two into three-dimensions, and edited like Minecraft blocks, where each block contains a universe of its own inside it.
Octri Sculptor
A Leap Motion-focused octree modeler and editor. View, create, transform, generate, evolve, shape, sculpt, upload and download voxel octree models (in 24bit color with configurable resolution depth). Paint space itself, then carve it up, copy it, paste it, and assign it as a prefab.